The aim of this site is to promote the products and services of Turkish companies, exporters and importers.

The Turkish Medical index, intends to be a media that would fulfil the need that then existed to publicize worldwide the names and the potentialities of the main Turkish exporting and importing companies.

We will continue the task we undertook, widening the scope of the publication to encompass the Turkish companies, their products and services from the traditional to the newest developing ones. Our Internet site is just a step forward that brought us, and the companies, even closer to the right business contacts all over the world.

Now, that more than ever it is necessary to make known, both in Türkiye and internationally, the best of what this country produces in terms of products and services so as to reach more and more markets with them, Turkish Medical Index intends to be an important tool for that purpose.

We will certainly proceed on the path we have always seen as our own of providing the means to enable the contact between Turkish companies, manufacturers, exporters and importers, and those seeking their products and services. It is in this context that we think we can continue to play a useful role in the development of the Turkish economy.