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Ares Medikal was founded in 2004 in İzmir and soon became a prominent company in its region. Since we were founded, we continue to search for the ways to bring our products to a global level and catch up with the recent develoments in the industry. Our misson is to provide an easy access to the highest quality products in the national and international market. With an unlimited energy and dedication, we aim to build strong and sustainable partnerships while ensuring an excellent customer satisfaction. We have CE and ISO13485 certificated products which are compatible with all international quality rules.

Asik Veysel Mah. 5821/1 Sk. No: 6 Karabaglar, 35110
+90 232 2647000
+90 232 2649000
  • Emergency cardiac therapy equipment  
  •  Angiography Set  
  • Hemodialysis Catheter
  •  Introducer Sheath
  •  PTFE/Hydrophilic Coated Guide
  • Wire  Balloon Inflation Device  
  • DSA/MRI and CT Syringes  
  • Angio Closure Pads  
  • Manifold and Stopcock  
  • Introducer Needle (visited 60 times)
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