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Our company, that was established in 1980, provide service as a supplier in the first 10 years following its establishment process, generally by participating to the public hospital tenders that we are operating in the Aegean Region. In the second decade of 35 years in industry experience, our company marketed innovated spesific producs all over the world by researching, retaining, analysing to domestic market by import. And in the last of 15 years of our business life, we actualised the production of products that are displayed in our website by importing some auxiliary raw materials.

We have all national and international standardization documents by the year of 2005, and we export more than 85 countries. Each day , our company acquire new customers to our portfolio with 60% domestic market and %40 foreign market share. Due to the fact that our company did innovation works , we were granted an innovation award and due to our company is a big contribution to national economy, we were granted stars of export award in 2009,2012 and 2013 years . And also in 2012 our company granted an employment award.We see every step of our success as a headstone for building the future of our company. As the responsibility of ensuring the satisfaction of our customers continues day by day seriously, all of our employees embraced the customer-oriented work as a principle.

Each member of our staff provides service in his/her own responsible departments and duties in the most perfect way. Future Due to the fact that our company has some principles like passion for work, professional ethics, country and productivity passion , sincerity and prize the people and environment , we are gained the trust of employees, costomers and suppliers, that?s why the future of our company is guaranteed. Likewise , our company which is a leader in its existing product portfolio, advances decisively to be a ?Global Brand? by moving this success to international market.

In order to achieve its targets, our company employed more than 120 people by increasing the number of employements 15-20 % in the last 10-15 years. Also our company aims to increase the number of employees in the next 10-15 years at the same rate. Mission * To determine a target and adopt objectives and management style for the target, * To ensure sustainable customer satisfaction, * To be a leader in national and international markets, * To continue its R&D efforts each day to improve quality of products, * To train Self-managing employees and provide required contribution to support them, * To safeguard and be sensitive to social values with employees. Vision * To be a Leader at global market with Turkish brand ?EGEMEN INTERNATIONAL?.

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