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3Teks Medical Textile is the Manufacturer and Exporter of Disposable Sterile Medical Products for Operating Theatre Rooms. 3Teks Medical Textile’s mission is to improve the quality in healthcare sector and enhance the standarts by minimazing infection risk during and a er the operations.

3Teks Product Range: Disposable Sterile Surgery Sets & Packs, Disposable Sterile Drapes, Disposable Sterile Surgical Gowns, Sterilization Reels and Pouches, Medical Plasters

Our sterilisation types are Ethylene Oxide and Gamma Sterilization and Our Certificates are EC Certificate (CE1008), TSE EN 13795+A1, ISO 9001:2008, MSZ EN ISO 13485:2012, EN ISO 13485:2012+AC:2012

Our trade marks are 3TEKS, 3PACK, 3PLAST, 3BAND

2. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi No: 1, 27120 Baspinar
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