Anka Medikal Tıbbi Malz. Koz. Elek. Day. Tük. Mal. Bilg. Kır. Hed. Eşya ve Bij. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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We have been serving in the health sector in Ankara since 1995. We distribute many brands in silicone external breast prostheses, swimsuits, bras, plastic surgical compression garments, lymph edema compression garments, lymphedema bandages, burn therapy compression garments, varicose socks, orthopedics and traumatology products, rehabilitation products, respiratory products and patient monitoring devices.

With Trulife, Lipoelastic, Mainat, Compressana, Doff N Donner, Flexyfoot, Bio Compression Systems and Wero Swiss brands, we offer high quality products that the healthcare sector needs with customer focused solutions. Our goal is to provide healthy days with the quality products needed.

Sağlık Mah. Marmara Sok. No: 8/A Yenişehir Çankaya
+90 312 435 38 07
+90 312 433 70 95
  • - Silicone External Breast Prosthesis,
  • Bras, Prosthesis
  • Swim Wear (Trulife, Liebermann, Susa, Nicola Jane)
  • Lymph Edema Garments (Varisan)
  • Compression Stockings (Liebermann, Varisan, Compressana)
  • Plastic Surgery Textile Products(Liebermann)
  • Orthopedic Support Products (Liebermann)
  • E-Commerce and Information TechnologySoftwares
- Lipoelastic a.s. / Czech Republic

J. Mainat, S.A. / Spain

Trulife / Ireland

Compressana GmbH / Germany

Doff N’ Donner / USA (visited 16 times)
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