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Aktif Dış Ticaret was established in 1993 to serve in medical industry. The company started its trading activities initially by importing special devices which enable archieve documents to be transferred to electronic media and ensure recording and storing of such in micro-films and presenting the products to Turkish user. Having served as a TURKEY representative of globally known companies in field of radiolocigal accessories in 1995 and specialized on x-ray proteciton aprons, the company imported and distributed protective aprons to all around TURKEY for a long while, and later, it has started to manufacturing of x-ray protection aprons with its own brand, AKTIF X-RAY since 2002. Aktif Dış Ticaret manufactures lead and leadfree aprons in world standards. The company’s ISO quality system certified and CE 0120 marked products include lead and leadfree aprons with a wide range of models and sizes, thyroid collars, gonad and ovary shields and varying types of x-ray protectors such as upper waist or upper knee. In addition to manufactuing lead and leadfree aprons, AKTİF X-RAY is also specialized in fields of lead shielding, leaded glass, leaded barriers and doors.

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